Types of Testing

Genova (Cardiac Ion)
Hormone blood testing
Intestinal Permeability Testing (Array 2)
Gluten Sensititivy Testing (Array 4)
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis for digestive health
SIBO Breath Testing
Adrenal Stress Testing with Saliva and Urine
Brain Chemistry Analysis with Urine
In depth Functional Blood Cardiac Panels to determine heart health
Heavy Metal Hair and Urine Analysis
Genetic Testing
General Blood Testing
Comprehensive Vitamin, Mineral and Mitochondrial Blood Testing

****Please note we do not draw blood in our office, nor do we perform these analyses in office. We give you a RX or a specialty kit which you take to a blood draw station. Kits that require stool, saliva or urine are given to patients to perform at home and mailed directly to the appropriate lab. Some tests may be covered partially by insurance. We will provide you with the labs telephone number and test number you will be completing so you may determine what portion may be covered by insurance and what your out of pocket cost will be.*****